Monday, January 30, 2012

Tiny People Expedition

My house is currently a wreck. Literally. If I showed you pictures, you would gasp. I had every intention of cleaning this weekend, but Mother Nature had different plans.

This weekend's weather was GORGEOUS! How in the world could I stay home and do trivial things like laundry and dishes when there was not a cloud in the sky and the temp was holding steady at a glorious 67 degrees. Precisely.... I couldn't. Physically impossible.

To say this weekend was wonderful would be an understatement.

We headed out to a place called Dead lake Marina. My mom was under the impression that there was more to it then there actually was, so the exploring wasn't very abundant there.

BUT.... A little sign next to the entrance to the marina indicated a chapel right down the road.

The chapel was precious! Rustic, secluded.... Right up our alley.

But first, the marina.

Gorgeous day.

Now, the chapel. Saint Andrews Chapel

Which, how awesome, has a tiny replica church right out front.

Tiny replica church again! This amazed me!

Ethan exploring. He LOVES being outside and being free to roam.

The chapel

Brady on his own expedition. (Man that kid needs a haircut!)

Part of the inside of the church. It was so precious.

His crazy cheesing face.

No Fort Gaines this weekend since they were having a Mardi Gras parade on Dauphin Island (and lord knows I wasn't getting in the middle of all of that), but next time!

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