Monday, January 2, 2012

Here We Go Again!

Every year I say it!

"This year will be better than the last!"

Every. Single. Year.

This year.... Well, it will be no exception.

EXCEPT! This year I think that it WILL be better than the last!

Why is this, well, this year I am going into the year 30 pounds lighter than last year! (Ok, FINE. 25 pounds lighter! But only because we just had Thanksgiving AND Christmas. Give me a break.) I look at it this way, if I am going INTO the year already having conquered the whole "I swear I'm going to lose it" resolution then it HAS to be better.... Right?

On top of that, this year is the year that we will FINALLY be buying a house!

Seriously, how could a year suck (at least worse than the previous year) when you are BUYING your very first HOME! Come on! And yes, in case you are thinking to yourself... "Hold on, she's married and has three kids.... They haven't bought a home yet?" NO! We haven't. You can refer to my About Me section to learn that my husband and I did EVERYTHING backwards. And when I say everything.... Literally everything normal people do on their life path... Flip it on it's backside and there is our life. Quite possibly why our past has been far from smooth sailing. (I like to chalk this up to being able to force my kids to do the right thing while pointing to our bumpy road as a prime example. That should scare them into staying on the straight and narrow.)

So, we have NOT having to lose a crap load of weight (since I already did an all. Kudos to me, thank you very much) and buying our home!

So, that leaves goals for the year...

After spending the final days of 2011 in a funk, I decided that this year will be the year of new beginnings. It's time for some changes. Some excitement. Some good old fashioned hard earned happiness. If things are going to change I am going to have to change them. Is some magical fairy going to come grant me a new amazing job buying shoes for myself while paying me millions of dollars a year to do so???? Unfortunately, no. And, unfortunately, I couldn't even make that one happen if I tried, but I CAN make other things happen. (less off the wall outrageously wonderful things, but good things none the less)

Item one- Get my butt in gear and start making things happen. It's time! Life won't last forever!

What else, well since I have already lost the weight (minus that pesky 5 or so pounds of holiday fun hanging around my midsection), I am thinking that it may be time to get healthy. Let's face it, I can't sustain life forever (much less the weight I've lost) living on hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and chicken nuggets (my children's super healthy list O' dinners they will actually eat. I'm mom of the year... I know this.) This whole healthy nonsense, much to my disdain, includes exercising. I've been eyeballing the joggers for a while now in jealousy over their ability to move their legs at that pace without passing out from exhaustion or falling over huffing and puffing like that fat kid everyone had in their neighborhood trying to keep up while failing miserably. I may have to google "jogging" and pick up some tips before tackling this beast. After all, I don't want to look like I'm seizing while breathing like an obese chimp causing folks to run for their cell phones reporting some woman who HAS to be on the verge of death. THAT would be embarrassing.

Also, I have decided (since we are buying a home and all) that I am going on a money diet! Time to cut the spending fat and get down to basics. Unfortunately, this means no more Starbucks or morning trips to Target raiding their super awesome dollar bins (I list those two, because they make me the saddest). It's time to save a little money and get some things paid off so that the house can be numero uno prioritio (Yes I know that isn't Spanish for priority, but since I don't know the Spanish word for it then I made up my own. How do you like THOSE 4 years of Spanish classes shining through. I learned a lot.)

So, get healthy, buy a house, google jogging, learn how to jog, actually start jogging, NOT have anyone call 911 over my jogging, and start NOT spending all of my money on caramel macchiottos and Target dollar bin decor!

Another one, get all of my ducks in a row this year so next year I can make my New Years resolution... Keep doing what you're doing!


  1. I love your Item #1! I seem to have the problem with starting things, plenty of ideas, zero motivation. Congrats on buying your first home! Such an exciting experience (especially once you find it). I can not jog for anything (I blame my boobs on that one haha) Target dollar bin will take way too much money! Esp. if it's on sale, that's when I usually hit them.
    Good luck on getting all of your ducks in a row! Thank you for leaving me a blog comment :)
    Have a great day!

  2. Thank you ma'am and you are very welcome! And I feel you on the jogging... It's going to take multiple sports bras for me to accomplish it without beating myself to death. I'm determined to start though! If I can find the time and the right combination of "support."

  3. Hey Samantha, tried to email you from the comment you left on my page, but you're a no-reply comment :( Alot of my Auburn friends are just excited that the trophy is coming back to Alabama :)



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