Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Mommy Diaries- Devil Rocket

Well folks, there is still NOTHING in the craft department.

Surprise, surprise.

So, on to the Mommy Diaries!

The hole in my foot is finally healing.

You read that right. HOLE in my FOOT.

A product of one of those oh so wonderful mommy moments. Some lovely individual gave my oldest boy child a rocket ship alarm clock for Christmas. (he is 6... My shaking him violently and screaming MASON! WAKE UP! hardly makes him budge.... The alarm clock was a pipe dream) Said alarm clock is obviously a tad bit complex for my brain, as I was unable to figure out how to stop the RANDOM BEEPING! I'm talking random, annoying alarm clock HONKING every hour/ten minutes/5 seconds or so.  I finally thought I had it taken care of when as soon as I laid in the bed, it started again.

I get up, confiscate it from Mason's room, and finally get it to stop. I then stash it in the laundry room, in hopes that if it decides to go off again the sound will be muffled enough not to disturb the household.

And then it happened.

On my way back down the hallway to my room a tiny Hot Wheels helicopter was quietly waiting to stage an attack on my poor unsuspecting foot.

It hurt. 

I went ahead to my room thinking that I just bruised the crap out of the bottom of my foot when suddenly, I pick my foot up and notice blood. 


Back to the kitchen. Bandage it up. Back to the bed.

As SOON as I lay down...


That stupid alarm clock is going off AGAIN!

This time I was angry. I was bleeding from my foot. I was tired. I was ready to hop in my car and track down the individual who gifted this devil clock to my child and duct tape it to their head. After stabbing them in the foot with a metal helicopter hot wheel. 

This time the alarm clock didn't stand a chance.

I beat the crap out of it (in true, "this toy is driving me insane why won't it stop" fashion).

After taking out my frustration on the poor rocket ship I threw it into the Goodwill bag that was currently camped out by my front door waiting to be hauled off.

The next morning Mason asked me where his rocket ship was.

Part of me feels badly for tossing the rocket ship...

But then I look at the hole in the bottom of my foot, and I feel much better.

And yes, the helicopter is a goner too.


  1. Um, OUCH!!! Oh, those stinkin toys that hurt SO bad. Legos? Seriously, a hole in your foot? Oh girl, hope you get better soon!....and update your tetanus shot :)

    1. Oh yes! It hurt! I also believe that it was amplified by the fact that it was late at night. Luckily everything is healin nicely, I just have a nice little scar. No more helicopter though, so at least we know it won't be causing me anymore issues.


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