Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year!

I love the New Year deal. Who doesn't love feeling like you have a new beginning? Throw away last year's calendar marked with events and appointments and rip open a new one fresh with possibilities. Now, if you read my post from last year you will see that there were pretty much no changes. What can I say... I inherited my mother's tendency to proclaim each new year the best one yet. Even if it doesn't turn out to be.

But this year.... This year it will be.

Why? Well, because we started out the year on the beach. And NO new year started with sand between your toes can possibly be a bad one.

So, to kick off this wonderful new year full of possibilities, I give you my.....

 List O' Goals (The 2013 Edition)

1. Take more trips to the beach.
Considering the way we started off our new year, this one seemed fitting.

2. Drink more wine.
Why not! Heart health is a very important thing. This should basically say, "Make your heart healthier." And who doesn't want that?

3. Get Healthy!
This one goes hand in hand with number 2. Except this one is more geared towards the rest of my body. Especially if I am going to keep resolution number one. I mean, who gives a list of goals for a new year without this one? It's pretty standard. To attempt to stick with this resolution, I have (sadly) decided to trade in my morning Target adventure (the daily one I take for that free hour I have after dropping the last child off and before I have to be at work) for an hour of jogging at the park in between my office and Mason's school. Not only will this one act assist with getting healthy, but it will also help with goal number 4.

4. Save Money.
By not going to Target just about every morning of the week I will not only save my $5 worth of Starbucks, but also the random crap I always end up with while I am there. I make no promises that I will not raid the dollar section randomly. That is no where in the fine print of these goals, but being in there almost daily definitely doesn't help the wallet. If you've been to Target, you know what I mean. They've got such good stuff! It's hard!

(Sorry for the quality, this was a phone picture, obviously, since Mason was busy being the photographer)

5. Photography
Simply photography, because there are so many things associated with this word that are on my list for the year. I want to grow my photography business. I want to encourage Mason's love of photography. The kid has an eye for it and LOVES to get behind the camera. Future photographer, I think so. I also want to learn more about my camera and better my photography in general.

I am a worrier, so this one will be tough for me. I want to relax and enjoy life more. Stop over analyzing everything and go with the flow! Life is too short to spend it worried about things beyond your control. Time to kick that idea into high gear and enjoy it! My babies will only be this age once, and time spent worrying is time not spent soaking in the time I have.

So there you have it. My goals for the year as of now. I am sure I will think of/come up with more, but for now this is it. I may even be extra dedicated and drink wine on the beach some this year. How's that for resolution follow through!

Happy New Year, All! I hope it is the best one yet!


  1. New Follower from the TGI Blog Hop! Love your blog.. You can check out mine at and follow back if you like what you see! Happy New Year! K Jaggers

  2. Those are terrific new year's resolutions, and you're right--any year that you begin with beach sand between your toes is bound to be a great one. Visiting from the TGIF Blog Hop--reaching out to you on Twitter--and looking forward to seeing if you set your goals. (Especially #2) Jane @nothingbtbook

  3. ...and I am a big liar, because I canna' find your Twitter handle, dear... What is it?


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