Thursday, January 3, 2013

And I Shall Social Media Every Pretty Little Thing I see!

From Pinterest...

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To Instagram....

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To Facebook post...

Equals one KICK ASS birthday gift!

I celebrated my 26th birthday Sunday. Having a birthday right after Christmas is usually not the best thing in the world. Folks are drained (emotionally and financially) from Christmas and the "Christmas is Over" blues are setting in as folks take down their decorations. I usually feel glum on my birthday for these reasons on top of that feeling of another year being over and being one year older. My husband surprised me with a trip to the Micheal Kors outlet to pick out my new watch! What a way to brighten a day! Same one on my accounts (all three of them) and cheaper than the one online! Not to mention the one online says that it won't ship until Feb 8th. FEBRUARY 8TH! Who do these people think we are! We can't wait an entire MONTH!

Take that website! This lady has it NOW!

Happy Birthday to me!

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