Monday, December 17, 2012

Lessons Learned (the house full of fellas edition)

Well Happy Monday to you! Rainy days and Mondays don't always get me down, but when they both come together and bring one kick ass cold with them.... Well, things tend to go downhill quickly.

Who looks like a hot mess today???? Yes I do. But to be fair, it is rainy and gross and I have a cold. So I have a free pass to look like crap.

Who accidentally added crab boil instead of vinegar to their BBQ sauce mixture for their easy crock pot bbq chicken??? DEFINITELY not me. Who does that! (in my defense, my sense of smell is completely blocked currently, so it was an honest mistake. Plus, the crab boil bottle and apple cider vinegar bottle look similar! Or I wasn't paying attention AT ALL.)

For the win! Who managed to fold AND put away every load of laundry they did this weekend without any of them taking multiple trips in the dryer to get the "we've been sitting in the basket for days" wrinkles out??????


Cookie and a pat on the back please. Thanks.

Now, onto today's post shall we!

Last night after a trip to the restroom during which I experienced this first point, I got to thinking. There is a whole list of things I have learned from living in this house full of guys. There is an art form to being the only one with lady parts in a full house. So here it is.

5 Lessons Learned from Living in a House Full of Boys

1. Always, always, ALWAYS look before you sit! On the toilet that is.... If you don't look? Well, expect some toilet bowl water to booty contact because it will be happening. Oh, and don't think your butt is too big for it to happen and that you would just have an unpleasant experience of sitting on that tiny rim. No matter how much junk your packing in that trunk it will Cirque de Soleil it's way through that hole and you will hit water. I don't know the physics of it, but it will happen. And it is not pleasant.

2. (and also toilet related, who are we kidding.... This list could be nothing but bathroom lessons) No matter how many times you tell them to pay attention to what they are doing, they will STILL make a mess. I am thinking we need to invest in one of those toilet targets at this point. Maybe that will encourage them to make a game out of it and actually TRY instead of nonchalantly dictating the notes from the most recent Oval Office meeting all over my bathroom.

3. Hot wheels, as innocent as they may seem, WILL pierce the bottom of your foot when stepped on in the middle of the night while attempting to beat the mess out of your child's crappo alarm clock to get it to shut up when it won't stop going off at midnight.  

4. A boy's penis will jump off of their body and run away if they don't grab it. Are my boys the only ones who do this???? Leave it alone! Geez! It isn't going anywhere.

5. Everything you do can be a competition. EVERYTHING. I can run faster than you! I can brush my teeth faster than you! "Daddy, my tee tee is bigger than yours." And that one is in quotes, because it was actually said by my middle child who is 3. Yeah.... Who's excited for teenage years?!?! This gal is FOR SURE.

There are a MILLION more things to add. A million and one. This is not done by a long shot!

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