Thursday, December 6, 2012

Car Line Entertainment

On Thursdays Brady, my 3 year old and possibly most animated child, goes to work with me. This also means that he must go with me to pick up his older brother from school.

A few weeks ago Brady made his presence known in the carpool lane when he leaned out of the open car window and screamed...

"That idiot won't go!"

Yeah, fellow car line attendees... That was MY kid who screamed that while you all sat with your windows down reading your books or playing Angry Birds.

You are welcome.

Today, well today he made his presence known again. A lady sat on the back of her open SUV playing with her small baby girl. These people were clearly of some Hispanic descent, but definitely spoke English. After about ten minutes of yelling out the window to the small baby girl, "Hey! Stop looking at me you maniac!" (yes... that is word for word) He then turns to me and very LOUDLY proclaims, "That lady is speaking Spanish!"

First off, no she was not speaking Spanish.

Secondly, inside voice, kid!

Third, why do my kids have an obsession with the Spanish language? Last week Brady asked me out of no where how to speak Spanish! Last year Mason came home with a bunch of scribble in his spot where his name was supposed to be and when I asked him what it was he informed me that is was his name in Spanish.

Do all kids have a fascination with foreign language???? Is this something I should know????

Perhaps I should have paid a little more attention in my 5 years of Spanish class.

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