Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What the Elf!?!

News from my general area this morning, and I am SO not making this up...

Working Meth Lab Found in Post Office

How's THAT for front page news!

Alabama.... We keep it classy.

On to what I came here for, shall we?

Two more nights of Charley fun have passed. I'm still nuts and still way to into posing this thing.

Eh, you win some you lose some. The loss being my sanity and the win being my pride in knowing that my elf kicks some serious ass. Which considering the circumstances, is not really a win at all. I take what I can get.

So yesterday we got this...

Pot lid turned spaceship, monster Christmas ornament turned space explorer side kick, tin foil turned helmet... And yes, I did cut out the stars and glitter them for a spacey feel. There's you crazy, folks. Right there.

The boys got a kick out of it and it was cute. Not my favorite, but cute.

Now today's Charley.... This one I dig.

Wuppa Charley Style!
Heeeeeeeeeeeey Sexy Lady
Wup, wup, wup, wup, wup
Wuppa Charley Style

A little sign of the times Charley for you. The boys LOVE this video and sing the song/do the dance about once every 10 minutes throughout the day so I figured why not. I worried that they wouldn't know what the heck he was doing, but being that they share my DNA along with my strong sense of odd human being, they got it. Immediately got it. Scarily quick.

Now, to plan what to do tonight. I was thinking maybe a ninja Charley in the throws of a mid air beat down, but that is still up in the air.

Apology to my neighbors who endured Gangnam Style on repeat this morning and are continuing to endure it throughout the day since the boys wouldn't let me turn it off before we left.

"But Charley NEEDS it on! He can't dance if we turn it off!" 

Like I said, sorry guys!  

Now head over to Diana Rambles and check out the Ultimate Elf on the Shelf Linky Party! Lots of good ideas for anyone needing some Elfspiration!

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