Monday, March 4, 2013

Goats, WeeBall, and Ladies In Bubble Baths...

Do you know what I hate.... I hate when the entire weekend is insanely cold ( Mobile- 50 = insanely cold) and then Monday rolls around and it is gorgeously sunny and in the high 60s. What kind of crap is that!

Now... What did we do this weekend. Exciting stuff! That's what!

Thursday I started off the day how every normal human being starts their day. By photographing a chick in a bubble bath.

You read that right. Through a lot of experimenting I have figured out that boudoir sessions are my absolute favorites. Everyone loves to get dressed up and feel good about themselves and I love getting to capture that. Plus they are fun! So, that is how I started off my weekend. Photographing a lady in a bubble bath. Perfection.

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. I ate my weight in strawberries and nutella while editing the bubble bath boudoir session.

My youngest heathen, otherwise known as The Spawn, chunked the remote at our bedroom tv and shattered the interior. Phenomenal.

 It was freezing outside so getting out wasn't really happening and staying in was resulting in broken tvs and breaking up more fights that the production crew on Flavor of Love. (Remember Flavor of Love????? Don't lie! You know you do!) Sunday, finally, it cleared up enough for us to get out a little. The boys raced rolling down a hill at one of our local public gardens while I photographed the happenings and quietly thanked Jesus for allowing me the opportunity to get those kids out of the house before I sold them as slave labor.

Then, oh and then. Then Mr. Brady Parker became the newest member of the Weebles WeeBall team. For those who are unaware, WeeBall is TeeBall for 3 year olds since TeeBall starts at 4.

Number 2 will be taking the field in just a few short weeks!

So, I officially a Ball Mom. Someone give me my minivan and mom jeans! Maybe not the mom jeans, but I will be rocking that Mom of #2 tshirt like it's never been done!

Gear up for copious amounts of ballpark photos, baby. Cause they're coming!

Who's ready for Spring! Because I am definitely feeling it this morning!

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