Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Hobodays!

As a budding photographer, here lately I have been knocking out some holiday photos for folks. Since we have a lovely "Square" downtown with a huge fountain turned Christmas tree, I assumed that would be a lovely place for a perfectly coiffed holiday photo op.... I assumed wrong. Very, very wrong.

Photo courtesy of wikipedia

Upon arriving at the lovely Bienville Square, we were greeted with not just a few surprises, but a LOT of surprises.

Flock of birds, herd of cattle, gaggle of geese.... What in God's green earth do you call an entire civilization of hobos??????

Not a few here and there. Oh no. An army of them. There we go. An ARMY! It was insane! You've got ten of them over here lying on the grass passing around a cigarette filled with God knows what, a few of them over here braiding each other's hair, and a few sitting randomly on benches rocking back and forth foaming from the mouth. 

And don't even get me started on the squirrels! The overly brave, obese, high on bath salts squirrels ready and willing to take off a face in the name of a post Thanksgiving dinner! 

Don't get me wrong. I am sure that not all of these individuals are bad people. Hell, most of them may not be. I am sure that some of these people may be good folks just down on their luck. I'm not completely heartless, but come on! Laying in the park vomiting over the side of a bench or lying in a multi-hobo smoke circle while having vulgar conversations and cussing up a storm is ridiculous.

Hey City of Mobile.... How about instead of spending tons of money on a over sized moon pie and a museum no one will visit, you invest that money in the spaces we have and make them more family friendly. You want to make downtown a destination.... Clean that crap up!

Rant over.

Now, I am off to photoshop an outrageously large number of homeless people out of the backdrop of some family photos.

And also, in case you were wondering, we were there for ten minutes tops. We quickly packed up and headed to a part of town with a little less "scenery."

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