Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Card Photos!

After last years 2-3 week sickness marathon right at Christmas time left me lacking in the holiday spirit department, I decided to hop to it and get things done early this year.

Starting with Christmas cards. I always mean to send them. Always. Who am I kidding, I always mean to actually MAKE them, but have yet to do so. My oldest is only 7 now... Better late than never, right?

So we ventured out this past Sunday on a mission to capture some holiday photos that were Christmas Card worthy.

Now, we did this with Ethan Cole battling not one, but 2 strains of the flu. Who comes down with 2 different strains of the flu anyway???? Geeze. Only one of mine. What can I say, it is a gift. And apparently one that keeps on giving since it is hanging around way longer than it needs to be.

So, needless to say, some folks weren't feeling it, but we got some cute ones anyway.

And I can say with a half full cup of confidence that we WILL send out Christmas cards this year. Half full. Anything can happen.

So far, I have only tackled two of the many. I'll post the rest when I get to them, which will hopefully be soon.

Now.... On another note. Mr. Brady Parker, my middle beam of sunshine, always has something interesting to say. As noted in the Little Monsters section, I firmly believe that he is a reincarnated world traveler. There is no way this is this kid's first time around.

As I got him dressed in his button up and sweater vest his little wheels started turning..... And then he spit out this little gem.....

"Are these my office clothes???? I'm wearing my office clothes. Where's my desk? I've got to work! I'm wearing my office clothes!"

Apparently, bare feet, jeans, a button up, and a sweater vest are office clothes. 

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