Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 5th of July!

Today is a prime example of why the 4th should only occur on a weekend. Preferably a Saturday.... So you have two full days to recoop before getting back to a schedule.

We opted to load up the entire house (as you often do when traveling with three little ones) and head to my in laws beach house for the 4th. Of course this decision was made on the 3rd.... At 1 pm..... Last minute? Just a little.

Fort Morgan fireworks show... aka- neighbors shooting fireworks in the street. Unfortunately Fort Morgan is pretty far from every location of a big show, so we couldn't see them from the beach house. Neighbor's show it is!

To say our 4th was fantastic would be an understatement. Yes it stormed like there was no tomorrow while we drove the hour over there. And yes it started lightly raining while we were on the beach followed by hurricane force winds that caused our tent to collapse on top of us while our chairs took off down the beach. But I digress. It was a wonderful mini getaway. It may have done more harm than good, stinking little teaser. I just have to remind myself that our vacation is merely a month away. Can I last without trading children in at Target in exchange for a Target shopping spree? Possibly not, but VACATION IS COMING!

Beach house laundry line.

Today, however.... Today is one of those, "Where is my wine and how big of a glass can I get away with using" kind of days. I ignored my alarm for far too long this morning. Which translates to.... My hair is a cross between finger in a light socket and crazy cat lady, because when I am running late fixing my hair is the first chore to go. When I finally decided to drag my self out of the bed, what am I greeted with.... Brady Parker declaring that he was about to puke.

Snatch up child. Run to toilet. Hover over toilet to make sure if/when he does, I don't have a mess to clean up afterwards.

No puke.

He then lays down in the bathroom and proceeds to fall asleep. On the bathroom floor. While I am showering.

So the kid isn't feeling the best. This is also made clear by the now 5 pukes he has under his belt for the day.

Happy July 5th to us!

Fingers crossed that this is NOT a virus and it does NOT now go through everyone in the house!

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