Monday, June 20, 2011

Finally tackled a project... AND FINISHED IT!

Friday night, after being traded in for Gran Gran by my two oldest little monsters, the littlest had fallen asleep and I was left with free time (which doesn't happen often, who am I kidding... It NEVER happens). I had seen the wreath made from the pages of an old book on and knew I wanted to make it. I was unsure of whether or not my excitement for making it and having one overshadowed my inability to complete projects, but I decided to tackle it anyway. Imagine my discouragement when halfway through it I ran out of glue sticks for my glue gun! Now usually, this would result in my swearing I would buy more as soon as I got to go to the store and then never looking at my half-wreath again, but... I did it. I made my way to the store on Sunday after the husband went to work and returned home determined to finish it.



This is a great personal accomplishment for me. Although when I look at it, I think it needs something else, but I cannot figure out just what. Maybe a bigger bow.... Whatever, I FINISHED IT! For my first attempt I am quite pleased with myself.

And, since Sunday was Father's Day.... I made my husband a gift bucket of goodies. We went to the circus the weekend before last and had S'Mores on a stick. They were super tasty, but definitely not tasty enough for $5 a pop! I made some to go in his gift bucket and for less than $5 I was able to make eight of them!

Super easy and super tasty! Although maybe not as tasty as the Auburn Football tickets that were also in the bucket. He is a major Auburn fan and hasn't gotten to go to a game in forever so he is pretty excited!

Have a fantastic Monday!

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