Thursday, August 30, 2012

1st Grade!

Last week I officially became the mother of a 1st grader.... Where in the heck did that come from! How is he already 6? How is he already an elementary school pro?

I had this lovely idea of how the morning would go when we had our first day of school this year. I imagined sweet smiling faces. Unmistakeable excitement for the new experiences that 1st grade would bring. I imagined nervous giggles and lots of picture perfect photos to remember this morning for a lifetime....

That, my friends, was pure delusion.

Instead I was met with anger, frustration, screams of "Mom, I don't want to get up! It's too early," and the oh so lovely.... "I'm not going to school and you can't make me!"


Oh, I forgot to mention that at one point I had to drag my oldest two out from under the bed.....



So my sweet, smiley pictures turned into a whole lot of this....

And I have to say.... That is, by far, the BEST first day of school picture I saw all morning. Facebook friends, eat your hearts out!

After we got on the road, and the sugar of the morning's breakfasts started kicking in.... Attitudes improved. Excitement grew.

Before too long I was able to get some of the photos I imagined getting.

This was technically not Brady's 1st day of school since he has gone off and on all summer, but since it had been about a month due to vacation we made it his ceremonial 1st day of school as well!

Complete with new backpack!

he is getting so big...

And then, since he was finally in better spirits, I found a serene spot on the way to drop Mason off and pulled over for the pictures I envisioned. And I got them.

With the printable I made especially for the day. I wish I would have made the blue a little darker, but it is too late now! In person it is very visible, but in the photos it didn't hold up. Lesson Learned!

And our ceremonial 1st day of school treat.

I am so proud of my boys. They are growing and changing everyday.

Another lesson learned.... The first day of 1st grade is just as emotional as the first day of kindergarten.

It will get easier won't it????

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