Sunday, February 26, 2012

Little Things

I love those weekends where there is no intended path, but instead an aimless journey. Weekends where you have nothing to do, but a million things to experience. Things that you spend all week passing by and not really paying close attention to. 

Like dirty faces.

Dirty faces that let you know that goodies were enjoyed. 

And pajamas. Tiny, monster truck covered pajamas. Pajamas that fit onto a tiny body that just recently learned how to walk and uses that skill as a way to keep up with his big brothers. 

And the face in charge of guarding a noggin full of wheels turning. 

And then there are the tangible treasures. Treasures of the thrifty variety. The ones who catch you completely off guard and leave you with a sense of completion. Like you have found a missing puzzle piece.

Like a floral print, stuffed pig.

Could my life go on without this adorable little fellow? Probably. Would I want it to? Definitely not. He is now rescued from his doom at the thrift store and safely perched on my in progress spring mantle atop the precious ceramic cake plate I found at Target last week. 

(We couldn't leave him behind.... Get it! Sometimes you need a little corny in your life. You're welcome.) 

And then there is his friend..... The bunny. I managed to dig him out of a box behind another box underneath a table full of picture frames. With Easter being only a mere month or so away, he had to be rescued as well. 

Some loose stitches and a dirty tail only makes him that much cuter. Character is key, friends. We call this character. 


The most perfect old suitcase. I spotted it a few weeks ago and regrettably left him behind. When we returned yesterday I had my fingers crossed that he would still be there and sure enough! He was! 

Old Pan Am tag and all. LOVE!


An absolutely perfect white ceramic pie dish. Considering the fact that I have had my sights set on one of these for months, finding it was a moment to say the least. She will see her fair share of parties. 

The thrift store offered up more treasures also. Two metal pie tins which will soon be transformed into cake plates, a wooden wall sconce that will be painted and given new life, a wooden and wire condiment bowl holder which will also see it's fair share of parties, and my moms loot (which included about three of four things).

Everything together cost us $6. SIX DOLLARS! Suitcase and all! SIX DOLLARS! 

The love that I have for this store..... It runs deep. 

Now hopefully the weather will cooperate this week and I can finally get to redoing the furniture finds from last week! 

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! 

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the Daryl Hall video. I just love that version!


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